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About Jenny

I’m a web developer and website designer who believes in pursuing passions, playing three games at the same time and that a good design is like a good book – it pulls you in and won’t let you go.

My Mission

In a world swamped by boring, outdated & look-alike websites, I’m on a mission to reject the bland and embrace uniqueness.

I’m driven to create websites that are more than just functional spaces online—they’re reflections of the personality and achievements of their owners.

Collaborating closely with each client is key for me, valuing feedback and open communication to ensure every website not only shines but resonates deeply.

A website is so much more than a bundle of code and design bits; it’s a digital home, a place where pride and identity live. I dive deep into each client’s world to make every aspect of their personality shine bright.

With an eye trained on aesthetics and a heart beating for innovation, I’m all about crafting websites that dazzle visually and touch hearts.

Every page is a unique journey, a story itching to be told—a story that stirs real emotions and sticks in the memory.

My Values


With me, there are no hidden agendas or unclear processes. Everything, from pricing to project development, is communicated clearly and openly.


I stand by my word and provide honest feedback, because I believe honesty is the key to impactful and lasting relationships.


Every client deserves to be treated equally, with respect and fairness at every stage of our project. For me, fairness is more than a principle; it’s a commitment.


I bring my genuine self to my work and value the uniqueness of each project. Being authentic means being true to myself and my clients.

Get to know me under a minute

01 My Dream Destination


02 My Favorite Season


03 I Can’t Live Without


04 My Favorite Food

Pho Bo or Moussaka

05 On My Record Player

06 My Current Obsession


07 Drink of Choise


08 Star Sign


09 Personality


More Fun Facts

As a trained web programmer and IT project coordinator, I often found myself searching for bigger challenges.

The routine of being an employee couldn’t tame my ambition, which ultimately led me down the path of entrepreneurship.

I love sitting on the floor to work, read, or just relax.

In my spare time, I mainly listen to metal, but while working, I like to mix up the genres.
Have a listen.

I seize every opportunity to ride my motorcycle, feeling the freedom and the wind – it’s my two-wheeled therapy.
My favorite YouTubers include: @InternetHistorian & @FortNine
I love beautiful desk setups / Battlestations. I’m currently working on gradually improving my setup.
Jenny did an excellent job - very structured approach with several feedback loops, very good communication and quick response to questions. Visually a very appealing implementation, but at the same time she also gives advice and clearly states what you need and what you don't need and what the advantages and disadvantages of different solutions are.
Torben Beckmann
Great collaboration, I'm super happy with the end result. Jenny had great ideas and the technical know-how to realize my project perfectly. I would also give an extra star for "friendliness + communication".
Stefanie Stephan
The collaboration with Jenny was absolutely perfect and I can recommend her at any time. She understood my requirements, thoughts and goals for the redesign of my website and implemented them with her own creative suggestions and ideas. The communication and transparency was given at all times and all goals were achieved.
Mario Riedel
Super reliable, uncomplicated & fast! It is a pleasure to work with Jenny. She has good ideas for the implementation, knows her way around the necessary plugins and is immediately on hand if the site gets stuck somewhere. Jenny has been looking after my website for quite a while now and I am not only completely satisfied and enthusiastic about her uncomplicated manner & her ideas for solving problems, I can also definitely recommend her!
Kathrin Bender
Jenny has conjured up a fantastic new homepage for us. She was very creative and catered to our every wish down to the smallest detail. We can only recommend her ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Sandra Koll
Designing the website with Jenny was the best decision because she understood our wishes and implemented them quickly. At the same time, she gave us competent tips on content, so that a website has now been created that we and our customers really like. Thank you Jenny!
Carmen Zeile & Thomas Michael Mann
Outstanding service. Professional and super fast. Thanks for the really great website.
Mehmet Bektas

Are you brave enough to become unforgettable?

How We Work Together

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